About Sudoku Game Cube

The ultimate Sudoku game for the iPhone!  If you thought just one Sudoku puzzle was a challenge itself, Sudoku Game Cube challenges you to solve 6 Sudoku puzzles arranged on the faces of a 3D cube.

In addition to the standard rules of Sudoku, Sudoku Game Cube introduces bonus squares.  Bonus squares share the same number as the square on the opposite puzzle.  If you ever get stuck on a puzzle, jump to the puzzle on the opposite side and fill in the bonus squares.

Want to show others how well you've done.  You can now create a nickname and share games and high scores online.  Even better, email the game to your friend and challenge them to beat your score.

Have a friend without an iPhone?  You can email a game as a pdf attachment.  Your friend can print the game and play along with you.  A pdf attachment for all published games is available from the Sudoku Game Cube website.

The standard edition of this game includes:

• Unlimited generation of Easy, Medium and Hard puzzles.
• Save and play more than one game (someone always likes to "borrow" our iPhone!).
Register players to keep track of who is playing each saved game.
• What's a game without scoring?  Earn points by choosing the right number, even more points for bonus squares and lose points for incorrect choices, taking notes and guessing.
• Unleash the touch and graphics capabilities of your iPhone: zoom in and out, pan, tilt and rotate the Sudoku Game Cube.
• Share games and publish high scores online.
• Email published games to your friends.
• Send a printable pdf file as an email attachment to your friends without an iPhone.

More features coming soon...

Have 6x more fun!

Version 2.0 - Submitted on June 28, 2009

Sudoku Game Cube upgraded to include the following:

Upgraded to iPhone OS 3.0.
• Ability to mark a Guess for a square, in addition to Choice and Note (guesses are penciled in as gray).
• View All-Time High Scores.  Click on All-Time from the High Score tab.  Click the right-arrow chevron to play an All-Time high score game and try to beat the score.
• New game options available from the Resume and High Score tabs: Publish game online, play again, send to friend and email as pdf.  Click the right-arrow chevron to see game options.
• Publish game online: Games and high scores can be saved online.
• Play again: Play a game again to beat the high score.
• Send to friend: Send the game to a friend and see if they can beat your score.
• Email as pdf: Email a game as a printable pdf attachment.  Your friends without an iPhone will appreciate this!
• Add and remove players from your device using the Players function on the More tab.
• Ability to restore from a backup database.  A backup database may be created during an application upgrade.

Version 1.1 - Released on May 20, 2009

Sudoku Game Cube released with updated graphics.

Version 1.0 - Released on May 14, 2009

The first edition of Sudoku Game Cube approved by Apple and released into the App Store.